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Searching for Armando by Noelle Sickels



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Praise from Readers

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thoroughly enjoyed it

What a gem!  What an interesting story.  It is a treasure of a book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.  Like many great reads, it was a book I didn’t want to finish --- I felt like I knew the characters, and I didn’t want to leave them.

 Amanda Mahorney, South Carolina



twists and turns

The story is fascinating, intriguing, and has added mystery.  It could be a Hollywood movie, with its twists and turns of plot, except this is real life.

 Lillian Pardo, Kansas




honest and authentic

The writing is gorgeous, and it feels so honest and authentic.

 Annie Carmona, California



high wire drama

The book’s palpable emotional tension springs from the clash between desire to discover and prohibition against it...a high wire drama...a brilliant feat of structure and organization.

 David Gangsei, California



story is incredible

The story is incredible, has helped me accept my own story and be able to talk about it.

 Tara Rothman, Connecticut




I started reading it at work and became so enthralled...that I had to put it down after half an hour, as I am not being paid to read!  I look forward to reading it at home, selfishly not letting anyone have a chance at it until I am done.

 Wayne Lempka, Art Collections Manager, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art



really good work

SEARCHING FOR ARMANDO earns my Lifetime Achievement Award for committed effort in the service of comprehensive and unblinking results. ... Good work, really good work.

 Eric Mayer, Maryland



...a wonderful book...  Oh, the secrets families keep!

 Kathy Moore, Florida



full of love

The book is so full of love...for all of these people in it that I was moved again and again to tears.

 Marilyn Monaco, Pennsylvania



very compelling

... very compelling... (I was) the intellectual and emotional ferment going on in those early decades of the twentieth century.

 Anna Cypra Oliver, author of Assembling My Father




A loving and brave piece of writing

 Mary Sargent, California



real people with loves, losses, and wonder

...the story of an era and the unique spirits of each many lovely ribbons through the book --- historic, personal...  The book has left me with a new awareness, wondering about other books describing real people’s lives --- I have read them, and somehow this book has brought a striking insight: that people lived a life, real people with loves, losses, and wonder.

 Kassia Dellabough, Oregon



enjoyed in many ways

What a story!  I enjoyed the book in many ways --- the childhood memories, the writings of the mother, and the mystery of the father.

 Teri Andrews, California



fine piece of work

A fine piece of work --- unearthing so much and with a tender spade.

 Lindy Laub, California







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