Poem of the Month: 30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month


30   Ways  to  Celebrate  National  Poetry  Month

  1. Read a poem.
  2. Contemplate a rock.
  3. Buy a book.
  4. Write a limerick.
  5. Sing in traffic.
  6. Send someone a poem.
  7. Say “yes” to every proposition for one whole day.
  8. Say “no” to every proposition for one whole day.
  9. Talk to an animal.
  10. Dance.
  11. Read a poem to a child.
  12. Watch ants.
  13. Have an orgasm.
  14. Light candles.
  15. Stand outside, close your eyes, and listen for five minutes.
  16. Take a poet to lunch.
  17. Get your hands dirty.
  18. Take a moonbath.
  19. Bake bread or make a pie.
  20. Lunge at something.
  21. Memorize a poem.
  22. Make a heartfelt toast.
  23. Copy this list and pass it along.
  24. Put a flower on your desk.
  25. Take a long walk alone.
  26. Read or recite a poem to a co-worker.
  27. Tell a lie.
  28. Get acquainted with the night.
  29. Sit in or against a tree and write a letter.
  30. Choose two things from this list and do them again.

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