Poem of the Month: For Sissy on Her 50th Birthday

if a polygon
can tamper with its shape
can hinge and fold
into a pyramid

a dancer
can resolve herself
into a poet

can arc and fling her words
like fluid limbs
name nameless things

qualify sound
as posed muscle
salute age

accost change
with mighty leaps
of mad grace


“For Sissy on Her 50th Birthday” was published in the journalA Wise Woman’s Garden, Madison, WI, 1997.

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  1. I was intrigued by the configuration – what the hell is a parallelogram, I thought, and why the hell did you never learn this, and then I saw the photo and then read the words of the poem, and yes, I got it then. And more, I got the meaning of the poem. Well done on you and me.


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