Poem of the Month: Before I heard by Jacqueline De Angelis





I wake up with everyone alive and it appears (it pretty much is) a good day even though I have a cold.  The spicy lettuce mix had a growth spurt, the russet hummingbird is back defending the red feeder, our resident California thrasher fans a modest amount of fallen olive leaves across the steps.  No, I wasn’t crowned queen nor did I have a cold sore (so in balance) a good day with a frittata for supper.  But there was something (now that I look back) that hovered (as flashes of a coming migraine) as I moved along the day.  Was it up to me to count all the chickens of my past or present (could I have felt that wind of her passing?) before I heard the news.


Jacqueline De Angelis lives in Topanga Canyon, CA and has her MFA in writing from Bennington College.  You can read more of her work at http://www.jacquelinedeangelis.com.

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