Poem of the Month: The Way A Day Goes by Jacqueline De Angelis





Too fast it seems then too slow, I make bread, it rises, there is shaping then more rise and the day fills with desert wind which causes a change of long to short sleeves then short to sleeveless.  Eating lunch which is nothing more than leftovers made into a salad and then tea, but which kind?  The dogs bark at something that turns out to be those same taupe ground squirrels running from the burrow behind the grape vine bent on torment.  And now the California scrub jay wants the tube feeder filled so he launches a relentless stream of screech screech screech. This isn’t a poem but it is the way a day goes.


Jacqueline De Angelis has her MFA in writing from Bennington College.  You can read more of her work at http://www.jacquelinedeangelis.com


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